Dilmah Real High Tea

Lychee & Strawberry Tea Sangria


Recipe by Anne McWilliams, NSW, Australia 

3 bottles of McWilliams Pinot Grigio  white wine
1 cup fresh or canned lychee fruit
1 punnet of strawberries hulled and cut in half
30ml lychee liqueur
2 oranges, finely sliced
3 cups of Dilmah 100% Ceylon Black tea
1 bottle sparkling mineral water
30 cups seedless frozen grapes or ice cubes

  • Start out by firstly freezing 3 cups of seedless grapes to be later used for ice cubes.
  • Place the McWilliams Pinot Grigio white wine in a large pitcher or punch bowl. Add the lychee fruit, strawberries, sliced oranges and lychee liqueur.
  • Brew 3 cups of Dilmah black tea using cold fresh water and by letting the teabags steep for at least 3 minutes. Let the tea cool and then add to the wine and fruit mixture.
  • Chill the sangria in the fridge.
  • The sangria is best made the day before to allow for the fruit, wine and tea flavours to infuse and marry together. Before serving add a dash of sparkling mineral water to add some effervescence and serve with either ice cubes or frozen grapes to keep the sangria cool and refreshing.


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