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An inspiring journey that culminated in a thrilling victory clenched by Team Museum Art Hotel from New Zealand! The passionate and evocative presentation by the innovative duo Laurent Loudeac & Camille Furminieux had our judges excited and eager to witness the inspiring revolution in tea! They are the winners of the Dilmah Real High Tea Challenge 2015! Congratulations from the Dilmah Family!

The Museum Art Hotel New Zealand was awarded in recognition of excellence in the appreciation of tea, tea inspired gastronomy and mixology, in honouring the influence of nature in tea, and in crafting these into a luxurious experience that defines afternoon tea in the 21st century. Featuring the theme ‘The Meeting of the Senses’, the innovative use of tea catering to the senses of sight, smell, taste, touch and sound was especially commended by the judges. The Dilmah Chamomile Tea spray that the participants prepared by themselves and the chilled peppermint tea infused o’shibori refreshed the judges and set the mood to truly enjoy the high tea in a relaxed environment. The first course Silver Jubilee Ceylon Ginger, Honey & Mint tea consommé, Confit duck leg tortellini astounded the judges with its subtlety of flavour while the second course the palate cleanser with the Silver Jubilee aromatic Earl Grey Tea set the stage for the next course which was Vivid Gentle Minty Green Tea with Clevedon Buffalo milk Feta Espuma, macadamia nougatine and fresh cucumber which was flavourful and sophisticated. They were daring in their presentation attempting a traditional Crepe Suzette live pairing it with Silver Jubilee Almond infused Ceylon Pekoe Digestive a perfectly balanced and an inspired pairing.

“We are so shocked, but very, very happy. We really didn’t expect to win. When we saw the competition we were up against, they were all so good, we didn’t think we would win. Everyone is so talented and Dilmah has really helped chefs and professionals in the field to strive for more and to achieve more. It’s an amazing feeling, winning the Dilmah Real High Tea Global Challenge. The experience in itself was incredible. The people we met, the things we leant were amazing. We worked so hard and we are so proud to win this for New Zealand. It means so much to us” – Laurent Loudeac & Camille Furminieux from Museum Art Hotel New Zealand said on winning the trophy.

Owned and created by a passionate art collector the Museum Art Hotel in Wellington is a treasure trove for an art lover. Their service is as fabulous as the amazing food they create. Represented by Laurent Loudeac & Camille Furminieux.

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