About Dilmah Real High Tea Challenge


High Tea will never be the same again!

The good side of afternoon tea is beautiful. The luxurious indulgence in fine tea it offers in its tea inspired metamorphosis is matchless. In all honesty, once experienced, it’s hard to forget.

Dilmah Real High Tea is the rebirth of the occasion of afternoon tea, with fine gastronomy, mixology and elegant experience formed around the unique beauty in real tea – the individuality of each tea derived from the influence of its terroir, the sophistication in taste, fragrance, appearance and texture of tea. From different estates, its natural goodness and the expression of these in real high tea. A contemporary celebration of tea with style and substance.

The Dilmah Real High Tea – an embodiment of the remarkable spirit of ‘real’ tea breathes new life to a tea inspired generation of innovators, free spirited thinkers and epicurean artisans of the highest order to put the tea back in high tea. Change the way you look at tea. Join Dilmah’s tea revolution as it continues its unstoppable conquering march over the world, from continent to content, shore to shore, to transcend time and space. Transform your way of tea. Open up your mind and senses to a whole new world of tea inspired possibilities. Join the Dilmah tea revolution. Today.