Thai Caramel Custard, Baby Banana, Caramel


Thai Caramel Custard:
125ml coconut milk
90g brown sugar
375ml cream
120g egg yolk

Caramel Sauce:
100g sugar
400ml cream

Banana chips:
3pc of Nam wah Banana
200g sugar
50ml water

For the Thai Caramel Custard
Boil the coconut milk and the cream together in a small pot. Mix the egg yolk with the brown sugar and slowly add to the hot milk mixture, whisking at all times. Fill the mixture into the Bamboo and steam for 12 minutes. Place to the side and allow to cool down.

For the Caramel Sauce
In a small pot caramelize the sugar until golden brown and add the hot cream slowly, let it
boil for 2 more minutes and cool it down.

For the Banana Chips
Peel the Bananas and slice them very thin and then place into a deep fryer at 200 degrees
Celsius until golden brown. When taking out of the oil put them on disposable towels to get
the exes oil. In a small pot boil the sugar and water until it starts to get light brown color.
Add the deep fried banana chips and make sure they are covered all over. Remove from the
pot and place on a lightly oiled tray and cool down.
To assemble pour the chilled caramel sauce over the custard and finish off by garnishing with
the banana.

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