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Uda Watte Tea Braised Wallaby & Chicken Sausages

4 wallaby shanks, seasoned & pan fried till golden brown
2 Lt strong beef stock
4 tbsp Uda Watte tea
300 gm chicken breast, trimmed of sinew & diced small
300 ml cream
1 egg white
1 tbsp chopped flat leaf parsley & tarragon
1 tbsp Orange & Eucalyptus tea
100 gm rice flour
2 beaten eggs
Ground quinoa

Pre heat your oven to 150°C
Infuse the beef stock with Uda Watte tea
Place the wallaby shanks in an ovenproof dish, cover with the hot stock, seal lid tightly with tin foil
Braise in the oven for about 5 hours, till cooked and falling off the bone
Remove shanks from stock and flake meat finely with a fork then remove all bones and grit, chill.
Make your chicken mousse with chicken, cream & egg white
Mix cold chicken mousse, flaked wallaby, herbs & orange & eucalyptus tea, and season to taste
On a sheet of cling film, form into sausages and roll tightly, tying knots at each end
Poach sausages for 20minutes in a 60°C water bath, chill in iced water
Remove sausages from cling film, dust in flour, immerse in egg wash, coat in ground quinoa
Fry in oil at 180°C till golden brown, season with salt & orange & eucalyptus tea
Pomegranate & Mint Tea Mayonnaise
50 ml Chardonnay vinegar
2 tbs Pomegranate & mint tea
2 egg yolks
1tbs Dijon mustard
150ml Canola oil
150ml Olive oil
Season to taste

Warm vinegar, infuse with tea, allow to cool then strain
Combine tea infused vinegar, egg yolk and mustard. Add oil slowly whilst blending
Season to taste

Place a tablespoon of the mayonnaise in the bottom of the serving dish Spike the prepared sausage with a saltbush stick place on the mayonnaise and serve

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