Apple Isle

Blown sugar sphere

500 gm caster sugar
225 gm water
100 gm glucose
5 drops tartaric acid
2 drops food colour
1 drop apple essence


Boil syrup till 145 degrees and add the tartaric acid and colour.
Bring Mixture to160 degrees.
Work the sugar on a silpat mat to bring the shine to the sugar.
Using the sugar pump make small sphere and form apples shapes.
Poached apple in Cider

1 apple
100 gm caster sugar
1 star anise
100 ml apple cider
1 Fig


Peel and scoop apple into spheres.
Make syrup with cider and sugar
Poached apples in the syrup
Cool down poached apples and reserve until needed.

Spicy crumble

80 gm caster sugar
80 gm almond meal
35 gm melted butter
3 gm mixed spice
2 gm fennel seeds
2 gm Rosemary


Roast the fennel and mixed spice.
Mix in all ingredients to form a crumble texture.
Bake for 10mins on 170 degrees.
Cool down

Lime Chantilly

500 ml thicken cream
2 tbsp caster sugar
1 tsp lime zest
100 gm mascarpone cheese

Whisk the cream with the other ingredients to form a stiff peak consistency and reserve in the fridge in a piping bag until needed.

Whisky Jelly

40 gm caster sugar
40 ml water
1 tbsp whisky
½ sheet gelatin

Make syrup with the sugar and water.
Soak the gelatin in gold water, when soaked removes the water. Add gelatin to the warm syrup to dissolve gelatin.
When syrup cool down, add whisky and chill in a container.


Place the crumble in the base of the serving dish.
Pipe the cream inside the sugar apple sphere.
Place the poached apples and jelly inside.
Garnish with baby mint herbs

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