Mango-Strawberry Sticky Rice


Mango-Strawberry Sticky Rice
500ml Water
5g Strawberry tea for the rice mixture
200g sticky rice
100g condensed milk
100g coconut milk
5g strawberry tea for the milk mixture
Pinch of salt

Strawberry meringue
50g egg white
100g Sugar
1g fine grinded strawberry tea


For the mango/strawberry sticky rice
In a small pot boil the water with 5g of strawberry tea allowing simmer for a few minutes and then straining the leaves and placing to the side for the tea to cool down. Wash the sticky rice in cold water until the water is clear from starch. Place the rice into a small container and pour the cold tea over and allow to soak in the refrigerator overnight. Strain the rice and discard the tea.

Place the rice into a steamer and steam for 25 minutes. While the rice is steaming place the condensed milk, coconut milk, strawberry tea and salt into a small pot and bring to the simmer. After simmering for ten minutes remove from the heat and strain.

Remove the rice from the steamer and add the hot milk to the rice, stirring together and then wrapping with cling nlm for nfteen minutes allowing the rice to soak up the liquid.

For the Strawberry meringue
Over a double boiler whisk the egg white with the sugar until the sugar is dissolved. Place the mixture into a kitchen Aid and whip until volume and stiff. Add the grinded Strawberry tea and pipe small meringue. Dry at 80C for 4 hours.

For decoration use Mango balls, Micro greens and the Strawberry meringue.

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