Sustainable farming baby vegetables, goat cheese, garden herbs, Dilmah Mandarin & Marzipan Pekoe infusion dressing

Recipe by Kenny Chen & Ellen Dong of MGM Macau – Dilmah Real High Tea Global Challenge Gold Medal Winners

3 pcs organic baby carrot
3 pcs organic radish
20g mushroom
40g arugula
10g frisee
10g organic french bean
5 MGM rooftop garden basil
10g MGM rooftop garden flat parsley
2g himalaya rock salt
2g sarawak black pepper

Goat Cheese Cream:

200g goat cheese
200g cream cheese
100g sour cream
5g MGM rooftop garden chives

Dilmah Mandarin & Marzipan Pekoe Tea 20g
500g water
200g water
5g balsamic
80g extra virgin olive oil


Combine cream cheese, goat cheese and sour cream together. Add the MGM Rooftop garden grown Chives.
Bring water to boil and add the Dilmah Mandarin & Marzipan Pekoe tea, infuse for 5 minutes (to get a stronger taste).
Strain and cool down.
Shave the Organic baby carrots & radish and place in the cold tea.
Bring water to boil, add salt and boil the French bean. Remove from the heat and cool down in ice water bath.
Add the French beans to the cold tea and let infuse overnight.
Combine Extra virgin olive oil & Dilmah Mandarin & Marzipan pekoe tea. Place in vacuum bag and Sous Vide at 63 C. for 10 hours.
Sautee the Mushrooms with Extra virgin olive oil, add salt & pepper and add Balsamic.
Set aside and let it infuse overnight.

Dilmah Mandarin & Marzipan Pekoe Tea Jelly:
500g water
5g agar agar

Boil the Aqua fresh water and let infuse the tea for 5 minutes (to get a stronger taste)
Combine with Agar Agar and bring to boil
Pour into a 0.5 cm height tray and set aside

Lawosh Dough:
400g T55 flour
80g soft butter
160g water
10g salt

Combine all together to a dough
Let it rest overnight
Roll out at 2 mm and arrange in the required form
Bake 150? for 10 minutes

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