A Traditional Home Coming Ceylon Rose and Mint with Essence of Dried Red Dates and Longan

Recipe by Jason Chan Yee Chiu & Ho Wing Hong from Hong Kong Cricket Club – Second Runners up – Dilmah Real High Tea Global Challenge

Presentation Hardward: Chinese Tea Cup

Ceylon Rose and Mint Tea 120 ml
Assorted Dried Fruit Syrup 40 ml

Rinse the tea cup with hot water.

Add the assorted dried fruit syrup into the hot tea cups.

Pour Ceylon rose and mint tea, stir well together.

Garnish with red dates, dried figs, dried longans and goji.

Assorted Dried Fruit Syrup (advance preparation is required)

Dried Red Dates 40 g
Dried Longans 50 g
Dried Figs 80 g
Dried Goji 20 g
Spring Water 1500 ml

*All syrup ingredients to brew for 45 – 50 minutes

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