Recipe by Cristian Gomez & Catalina Venegas from Café Turri – Third runners up Dilmah Real High Tea Global Challenge 2015

• Pork belly cut (Malaya) 500 grs.
• Boiled carrots cut in stripes 100 grs.
• Spinach 100 grs.
• Quail eggs 6
• Red pepper 1
• Sodium nitrite 1 gr per kilo.


• Preparing the meat:
• Malaya or Rose Meal is a typically Chilean pork cut; it is the layer of meat that is removed from between the leather and the ribs of cows and pigs.
• Boil eggs & carrots beforehand.
• Cut off any visible fat and skin before, rub the meat with the sodium nitrite, place the boiled eggs, sliced carrots, red peppers and spinach on to of the meat, and roll the meat from the end of the cut to the centre.
• Tie the meat with a strip and make knot at the top, end and finally center of the roll.
• In the pan add the roll and cold water covering all the meat; cook it for 2 hours approx. or until the meat is tender.
• Leave the meat rest for at least 45 minutes remove the strings and slice the Malaya.

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