Singapore-style Kueh Pie Tee

Crispy top-hat pastry tarts filed with a fusion of coconut jam and sweet potato purée on white bread, served on a bed of edible soil

3 pcs sweet potatoes, puréed
40g coconut kaya (coconut jam)
30g crushed peanuts
100g Oreo crumbs
2 pcs white bread
Trimmed into cubes
Approximately the diameter of the Kueh Pie Tee shells
5 pcs Kueh Pie Tee shell

Combine puréed sweet potatoes together with the coconut kaya
Scoop mixture of puréed sweet potatoes and coconut kaya into Kueh Pie Tee shells, filling up a third of the height
Place cubed white bread into the Kueh Pie Tee shells
Scoop in more of the mixture of puréed sweet potatoes and coconut kaya into back into the Kueh Pie Tee shells again
Drizzle with crushed peanuts
Serve on top of the bed of Oreo crumbs


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