Seasons in the Sun

A marriage of Dilmah’s Ran Watte tea sous-vide with dried longans, and Dilmah’s peppermint tea infused with pandan, brown sugar and young ginger.

Ran Watte Tea (Watte Series)
Pure Peppermint Tea (Vivid Series)

90ml Ran Watte tea infused with Thai dried longans
500ml mineral water
40 pcs Thai dried longans
22.5ml Peppermint Tea pandan leaf and brown sugar
5 pcs pandan leaves
Brown sugar (for syrup)
2 slices young ginger

1. Strong mocktail body:
2. Over-brew Ran Watte tea
3. Add Thai dried longans
4. Sous-vide at 75 degrees Celsius for 1 hour
5. Create a perfect brew of Peppermint tea infused with pandan leaves and brown sugar syrup at a 1:1 ratio
6. Add young ginger to tone the sweetness down while retaining the delicate taste of tea and other ingredients
7. Stir everything together with a swizzle stick
8. Note that using a swizzle stick to stir up a drink is a rare bartending method

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