Fragrant Green Tea & Jasmine Burger

Recipe by Alpesh Dias & Sunil Kumar of Shangri-La Barr Al Jissah Resort and Spa 

Flour 250g
Yeast 75g
Sugar 5g
Salt 5g
Bread improver 3.75g
Egg 35g (beaten)
Tea leaves 40g
Sesame seeds 5g

Beef Burger Patty & Accompaniments

Minced Beef 450g
Carrot 30g
Onion 125g
Celery 15g
Rosemary 10g
Fragrant green tea & jasmine 50g
Mustard 10g
Salt 5g
Pepper 5g
Scotch 10ml
Egg yolk 1nos
Egg white (with shell) 2nos
Bread crumbs 30g
Olive oil 10ml
Sugar 35g
Cherry Tomatoes 5nos
Rocket Lettuce 50g
Potatoes 2nos

Method for the patty:
1.Sauté rosemary, carrot, celery and onion and let it cool down
2.Mix all the ingredients with the minced beef, seasoned and shaped into desired portions
3.Grill on both sides and cook it in the oven to desired doneness
4.Sauté onion and add sugar and caramelise with continuous stirring to avoid burning

Method for the bun:
1.Brew the tea for one minute, strain and set the leaves aside
2.Mix in all the ingredients into a smooth dough with the tea leaves
3.Roll into 18 grams balls and let it prove for an hour. Sprinkle some sesame seeds
4.Cook in a pre-heated oven at 210º Celcius for 8 – 10 minutes until desired colour on top.

For consommé:
1.Mix the minced beef, mirepoix, egg white, rosemary and five grams of fragrant green tea with jasmine.
2.Season the minced beef and keep it in a pot of water. Simmer until all the flavours from the meat are extracted. (at least for five hours)
3.Slice the onion into half and grill and place it over the meat in the stock pot after three hours of simmering.
4.Add remaining egg white with the shell to clear the consommé.

1.Slice the potatoes and soak in brewed tea for five hours
2.Deep fried until golden brown

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