Raw New Zealand Scampi, Native Lime, Kale, Oolong with Ginger

Melon juice
125ml freshly juiced, skimmed and strained honeydew melon juice
10ml strained lime juice
40ml oolong & ginger tea
5ml white wine vinegar
Pass melon juice to a cheese cloth into a bowl. Add the lime juice, tea, vinegar and a little salt. Refrigerate until use.

10 raw fresh scampi, peeled and deveined
1 lime
Season the scampi just before serving with salt. Use a fine blade microplane grate the lime zest over each scampi until covered. Finish with a few drops of lime juice

Pickled oolong tea leave
25 leaf cooked oolong tea leaf
1g finely grated ginger
Juice of 1lime
Mix the lime juice and ginger, season with sugar and salt to your taste. Pour the mixture over the tea leaf and let it pickle for 2 hours.

To finish
16 small kale leaf, blanched in fresh seawater
2 ruby grapefruit segments, torn
5ml ginger oil
1pkt ice lettuce

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