Scallops in Cannelloni, Orange and Carrot

Written by Jayani on April 30, 2015 and posted in 2015 and France and France - 2015 and Gold Winner Recipes and Pairing and Recipes and Savoury and Team 18- Institut Paul Bocuse Recipes and winners recipe.

Recipe by Thibaut Idenn and Pierre Jean Arpurt from Institut Paul Bocuse – National winner Dilmah Real High Tea Challenge France

Yields 10

Carrot Jelly

600ml Carrot juice

50g Ginger

40g Soya

400ml Orange juice


Scallop farce

750ml Cream

600g Scallop

100g Carrot

100g Celery

250g Whitting

100 Passion fruit


Parmesan Sable

4 nos Egg

200g Butter

100g Hazelnut powder

50g Parmesan

40g Flour

100ml Squid ink

Salt to taste

Marinated scallop

100g Scallop

10g Passion fruit

1g Combawa Zest

10ml Orange juice

Salt o taste


Crème Monté Citrus fruit

150ml Cream

25ml Orange juice

Salt/pepper to taste



Orange – carrot jelly

Make a carrot and orange juice. Boil to extract only the juice.

Mix this with the soy paste.


Farce fine Muslin :

Process the scallop in a food processor.

Add the egg whites. Beat until frothy and strain.

Add in the previously cut and sautéed carrots and celery.

Bake at 70 ° C for 6 minutes.


Scallop Carpaccio:

Finely chop the scallop.

Marinate the scallop with the passion fruit , citrus zest , lemon juice .

Reduce the marinating juices.


Sable squid ink :

Mix the butter and salt

Add the squid ink.

Add the eggs one at a time. Finish by adding flour.

  • Bake for 16min at 150 ° C.


Whipped cream :

Whip the cream till soft peaks form.

Add salt, lemon juice and passion fruit.

Finish with a splash of marinating reduction.

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