Granny Smith Apple and Rhubarb Spiral in a Tatin Style

Recipe by Thibaut Idenn and Pierre Jean Arpurt from Institut Paul Bocuse – National winner Dilmah Real High Tea Challenge France

Yields 10



250g Green Apple

100g Rhubarb

50g Sugar

10ml Rhubarb juice

20g Butter


Rhubarb compote

200g Rhubarb

20g Sugar

10g Butter



400g Flour

40g Yeast

250g Powder sugar

100g Almond powder

250g Butter`

100g Egg

5g Salt

2 nos. Vanilla




Cut spirals out of apples

Cut the rhubarb with a mandolin.

Roll up and insert toothpicks to hold the spirals in place.

Place the sugar and the butter back on the stove.

Caramelize the spirals

Complete cooking in the oven at 150 ° C for 4 mins.



Cut the rhubarb finely.

Sauté the rhubarb in butter.

Add 10% of its weight in sugar.

  • Mix and strain.
  • Cool



Mix the butter, icing sugar and tea.

Add the cornstarch, flour and ground almonds .

Add the eggs one by one.

Bake for 12 minutes at 160 ° C.


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