Recipe by Vilmos Dohnal and Wesley Schipper, National winners- Dilmah Real High Tea Competition Netherlands


Jasmine Green Tea Marinade

250ml mineral water

6g Dilmah Green Tea with Jasmine Flowers

2 tbsp Manzanilla sherry

Touch of salt


Lime juice


Green Tea Foam

2 whole cucumbers

4 pieces of green apple

20g Dilmah Green Tea with Jasmine Flowers

Lime juice



Vegetable oil



Fermented Cucumber

1kg cucumber

15g rock salt

Vegetable stock

Fermented Cucumber-Avocado Purée

2 whole avocados

200g of fermented cucumber (see recipe above)

Lime juice





Jasmine Green Tea Marinade

Make a strong green tea, cool down, add the Manzanilla, salt, sugar, and lime juice.

Marinate the Dutch oysters in the tea for 4 minutes.

Season with fine sea salt.


Green Tea Foam

Juice the cucumber and green apples.

Warm gently until it reaches the 70?C, add the Dilmah Jasmine Green Tea. Let it infuse for 4 minutes.

Sieve, and mix with rest of the ingredients.

Place it in iSi espuma gun, use 2 chargers. Shake well before using.


Fermented Cucumber

Chop the cucumber, put it in a jar and add salt to it together with vegetable stock.

Close the jar properly. It has to be airtight.

Store in a dry place for 3 days and then keep in a fridge for 2 weeks.


Fermented Cucumber-Avocado Purée

Place avocado and fermented cucumber in the Robot-Coupe.

Blend until you get a fine purée.

Set in piping bags and store in a fridge.

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