Recipe by Reinolf Moessl & Wilai Tangprasertsuk of Shangri-La Hotel Bangkok – Gold winner Dilmah Real High Tea Challenge Thailand  

Quark Cheesecake

90g pasteurized egg white

90g sugar

250g quark cheese

7g gelatin

250ml whipped cream


Blueberry Filling

100g blueberry purée

30g sugar

6g corn starch

40g frozen blueberries


Almond Cake

110g butter

110g icing sugar

90g whole egg

10g egg yolk

110g ground almond

60g cake sponge

40g flour


Chocolate Glaze

80ml water

120g glucose

120g sugar

80ml condensed milk

8g gelatin

130g white chocolate

Red food colouring, a drop


Marshmallow Garnish

160ml water

150g sugar

15g gelatine


Quark Cheesecake

Bring the quark cheese to room temperature and then add the gelatine (bloomed and melted).

Whip the egg white and sugar until stiff, folding in the meringue and the whipped cream into the quark cheese.

Place into a small dome mould and move onto preparing the blueberry filling.


Blueberry Filling

Boil the blueberry purée with the sugar.

Mix the corn starch with some water and add to the cooking blueberry purée.

Cook for one to two minutes more.

Add in the frozen blueberries and allow to cool down.

Place the filling into a piping bag and pipe in the quark cheesecake mixture while it is still soft.


Almond Cake

Whip the butter with the icing sugar until it increases in volume.

Then slowly add the whole eggs first followed by the yolks.

Mix together ground almond, flour and cake sponge and fold into the butter mixture.

Pour into a lined baking tray and bake in a preheated oven at 180°C for 25 minutes.


Chocolate Glaze

Boil the water, glucose and sugar.

Then add the condensed milk and the gelatin (bloomed and melted).

Pour the mixture over the chopped white chocolate and food colour.

Wait until the glaze has cooled to 31°C and then pour over the cheesecake.


Marshmallow Garnish

Boil the water with the sugar and add the bloomed gelatine.

Whisk in a mixer until it looks like a meringue.

Pipe long strips onto a silicon mat and dust with corn starch.

After 2 hours cut into 5cm long pieces and make knots.

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