Asiri Punchihewa


Recipe by Dammika Herath & Lloyd Aleta of Radisson Blu Hotel Dubai Deira Creek – Joint National Winner Dilmah Real High Tea Challenge 2014 UAE

Makes 10 portions

Banana Lime Mousse:
175 g banana purée
35 g lime purée
1 g lime set
7 g gelatine
40 g egg white
35 g sugar
8 g glucose
250 g whipped cream

Strawberry Coulis:
250 g strawberry purée
20 g sugar
1 pod vanilla bean

Passion Fruit Granita:
100 g passion purée
400 g water
50 g sugar
1 g vanilla stick

Lime Glazing:
50 g lime juice (and zest)
125 g cream
120g sugar
35g milk
30g glucose
5 g cornstarch
3 g gelatine
15g water
Food colouring (green)

Banana Lime Mousse:

Blend the banana with lime juice and lime set .
Add in the melted gelatine.
To prepare the Italian meringue cook sugar, glucose and water at 121 degrees C and pour on to the egg white. Whip till cold.
Mix Italian meringue with the first mixture and add the whipped cream.

Strawberry Coulis:
Mix all ingredients and boiled and set in the mould keep in the freezer to get set

Passion Fruit Granita: 
All mix in the bowl and keep in the freezer.

Lime Glazing:
Heat cream, glucose and sugar.
Mix cornstarch and lime juice with the milk. Cook together until it is boiling.
Add the gelatine and colour and cool down.

Assemble the cake: 
Take a round mould
Take the banana and lime mouse and pipe in to one half of the mould
Place the frozen raspberry purée
And put the banana lime mousse up to the top of the mould
Keep in the deep freezer
Take out and glaze with the lime glazing
Serve in the homemade sugar bowl with passion fruit mango granita

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