Asiri Punchihewa

Dilmah MoroccanMint Green rubbed Lamb Loin

Recipe by Dammika Herath & Lloyd Aleta of Radisson Blu Hotel Dubai Deira Creek – Joint National Winner Dilmah Real High Tea Challenge 2014 UAE

1 no. lamb loin
5 tea bags Dilmah Moroccan Mint Green Tea
100g cauliflower
1/2 litre milk
5 g onion (chopped)
50 g butter
1 no. pumpkin
1 tbsp honey
200 ml vegetable stock
½ tsp chopped parsley
100 ml lamb jus
3 pcs semi sundried tomato
1 sprig thyme

Marinate lamb loin with tea and season it. Roll it in a cling film and vacuum pack it .Cook in a warm water bath for 45 minutes at 54 degrees Celsius.
Sauté onion in butter, add milk and cauliflower. Cook till tender. Blend it in to a smooth purée and season it.
Cut pumpkin in square baton .Cook it like a fondant and glaze it with honey and butter glaze. Season it and finish with chopped parsley.
Chop sun-dried tomato, add lamb jus and flavour with thyme.


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