Apple Galangal Martini

Written by Asiri Punchihewa on September 17, 2014 and posted in 2014 and Cocktails and Gold Winner Recipes and Macau and Macau - 2014 and Pairing and Recipes and winners recipe.

Recipe by Bruno Santos and Olivier Foucke of Westin Macau – Gold Winner Dilmah RHT Challenge Macau 2014 

Makes 5 Portions

Muddlued galangal root
90 ml Portuguese vodka
120 ml freshly made green apple juice
30 ml freshly squeezed lemon juice
30 ml sugar syrup
Cinnamon lychee liqueur caviar
Cinamon air

Cinnamon lychee liqueur caviar:
240 g of algin premix with 480 g of brewed Dilmah Ceylon Cinnamon Spice Tea
50ml lychee liqueur
50 ml sugar syrup

Cinnamon air:
5ooml boiling spring water
10 g Dilmah Ceylon Cinnamon Spice Tea
10 small cinnamon sticks
5 g Lecithin

Add all ingredients into the shaker.
Shake and fine strain.
Add cinnamon lychee liqueur caviar.
Top up with cinnamon air.

Cinnamon lychee liqueur caviar:
Multiple drops into calcium bath and rinse in water.

Cinnamon air:
Blend all the ingredients.
Turn on the air pump and retrieve the foam.

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