Dilmah Real High Tea


Recipe by Usmarini binti Amril and Yam An Nie, Shangri-La, Kuala Lumpur  – National Winner Dilmah RHT Challenge Malaysia 2014

Ceylon Ginger Tea Salmon
120gm fresh salmon fillet
500ml fresh water
20g Dilmah Natural Ceylon Ginger tea
30g salt
20g sugar
5g peppercorn (black)
10g ginger (sliced)

80g flour
4g salt
14g sugar
70g egg white
2g Dilmah Natural Ceylon Ginger tea leaves, chopped (from the tea to brine)
80g butter

Tea Caviar
500ml Dilmah Natural Ceylon Ginger tea
2g Textura Algin

Calcic Water
2l water
8g Textura Calcic

Ceylon Ginger Tea Salmon

Heat up the water, remove from the heat. Pour on the tea leaves let it steep for 3-4 minute to get more intense flavour. Then put in all the remaining ingredients. Place the salmon in brine for few hours. Remove it and pat dry with paper towel.
Place the fish in a vacuum bag, seal the bag and place in a thermo circulator at 56?C for one hour, remove from the water and ice bath. Slightly sear the fish to get the caramelized surface. Remove from the pan and place in a blast chiller. After it has cooled down, roughly flake the fish. Set aside.
In a mixing bowl placed the flaky salmon and drizzle with olive oil and season to taste. Add in some chopped chives, sundried tomato. Place in mixture in the cornets and topped with caviar, frisée and a chives stalk.

Mix all the dry ingredients and whisk in the egg white. When the both are well combined, whisk in the butter and tea leaves. Cut a stencil and spread it on silpat. Bake it at 170?C for few minutes or u get the brown colour. Remove from the oven. While it’s hot roll it on a cornets mould and set it.

Tea Caviar
Take the tea and using a hand blender, blend in the texture algin. Set aside.

Calcic Water
Using a hand blender blend the water with the Textura Calcic to make a calcic bath to drop the tea caviar. Using a syringe slowly drop the mixture in calcic water to form the caviar. Remove from the calcic water and rinse it with fresh water. Set aside.


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