Dilmah Real High Tea

Molecular Mint Sphere with Jasmine Tea Cocktail & Strawberry Caviar

Recipe by Kenny Chen & Ellen Dong of MGM Macau (National Winner – RHT Macau 2014)

Cocktail in Shooter Glasses
60 ml Dilmah Green Tea with Jasmine Flowers
02 ml Belvedere Vodka
02ml Gordon’s Gin
2.5 ml Malibu Rum
2.5 ml Triple Sec
01 dash sugar syrup
02 pcs mint leaves
01 wedge lime

Dilmah Peppermint Tea Sphere
15 mlDilmah Pure Peppermint Leaves
05 ml Get 27
1 pcs mint leaf

Strawberry Caviar
20 ml strawberry liqueur
05 ml cranberry juice

Cocktail in Shooter Glasses
Brew Dilmah Green Tea with Jamine Flowers and allow it to cool.
Take Lime wedge, Mint & Sugar syrup in a shaker and muddle.
Pour vodka, gin, triple sec and Malibu in the shaker
Add Dilmah Jasmin tea to the concoction with cube ice and shake the mixture.
Use a double strainer to pour drinks in shooter glass which contains strawberry caviar.

Dilmah Peppermint Tea Sphere
Brew Dilmah peppermint Tea and allow it to cool.
Add Get 27 to the tea.
Add a pinch of Calcic to the mixture and pour it in the mould to cool.
Take the semi formed peppermint ball and drop in in the mixture of Algin and water.
Carefully remove the peppermint sphere

Strawberry Caviar
Add strawberry liqueur and cranberry juice together and mix them well.
Add a pinch Algin to the mixture, mix them well
Pour the mixture in Caviar tray and allow it to rest.
Press the caviar tray in the mixture of Calcic and water to form strawberry caviar.

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